AirTrain Newark Replacement Program:
Industry Forum (In-Person)

Thursday, March 14th, 2024
10:00AM – 12:30PM
Hilton Newark Airport | 1170 Spring St. Elizabeth, NJ 07201

As part of the Port Authority’s multi-phase procurement process for the AirTrain Newark Replacement Program, this in-person event aims to introduce Local, MBEs, WBEs, and SDVOBs to the participating prime contractors and scopes of work and will outline next steps for the AirTrain Newark Replacement Program.

We invite firms in the following categories of work:

Design Services: Architectural, Engineering (Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Geotechnical, Electrical, Plumbing); Environmental and permitting; Automatic Train Control and Automated People Mover Systems design; Commissioning; Construction Inspections

Construction: Foundations (excavation, deep foundations – piles, caissons); Concrete Civil/Sitework (drainage, paving, utilities); Structural Steel Fabrication/Rigging/Erection; Maintenance and Protection of Traffic; Environmental (Erosion control); Building Envelope and Finishes/Architectural (curtain walls, wall systems, wall panels, miscellaneous metals, flooring, interiors, etc.); Roofing; Fire Protection; Mechanical (HVAC), Electrical, Plumbing systems; Passenger Circulation (Elevator, Escalators, Moving Walkways); Painting; Demolition; Lighting; Signage and information Kiosks; Landscaping (fencing, etc.); Trucking

Guideway Equipment: Power Distribution (includes power rails, cabling, guideway mounted
breakers /contactors, charging equipment); Communication System (includes CCTV and Wi-Fi Access points)

Station Equipment: Platform Edge Automatic Door System installation; Operating System; Communications Equipment

Power Distribution System: Substation Power Conditioning; Equipment; Primary Power Feeders and Switchgear; Drive Machinery and Equipment installation; Tensioning Machinery and Equipment installation; Emergency Generators

Maintenance Facility Equipment: Guidance rails; conduit / raceways / cable trays / junction boxes; electrical installations; automatic doors; mechanical equipment installations

Operations & Maintenance: Mechanical and Electrical Technicians; Janitorial; Electrical Testing firms; Fire Protection Testing firms; Tool Certification Testing firms; Building maintenance; Customer Service

Due to the fact that we have exceeded the capacity of the event, we have closed the RSVP for the March 14th in-person event. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to [email protected].