Jobs & Contracting Opportunities


Presentation (below) from the AirTrain Newark Replacement Program MBE/WBE/SDVOB/LBE Industry Forum, held on May 26, 2021, listing the Scopes of Work and contact information for each proposer team.

**Please note these scopes of work are preliminary and will be further developed by Proposing Teams during RFP**


The Port Authority of NY & NJ is committed to ensuring stakeholders are informed about these new exciting opportunities and their benefits. We encourage you to visit the Bid/Proposal and Advertisements page where you may learn more about the Procurement Process.


Please click the links below for more information about the Terminal Operator and to explore business opportunities on their Procurement Portal.


Please click the link below for Terminal Design/Builder business opportunities.


Over the course of the program, the team will rely on certified MWBE subcontractors, vendors and consultants to aid in the successful completion of the project. Through our Commodities and Services Division, The Port Authority strives to achieve key initiatives, such as the Set-Aside and Price Preference Programs. These advantages are implemented to achieve Minority, Woman, and Small Business Enterprise (MBE/WBE/SBE) goals.


The Port Authority of NY & NJ requires membership in the Secure Worker Access Consortium (SWAC). SWAC provides a managed, certified compliance to meet workforce qualification requirements and to reduce security challenges while working at Newark Liberty International Airport and other facilities.

EWR Redevelopment Programs require that all contractors perform background checks through SWAC and obtain SWAC identification cards with a “high” SWAC approval level for all new contracted personnel. No additional SWAC processing is necessary if contract personnel had been previously SWAC-approved (at the requested level) for other projects and/or locations.

For membership or information about the SWAC process, including office locations and hours of operation, please click the link below to visit the SWAC website.